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The FDA recalled 268 faulty Covid-19 test kits!

Disinformation is making the rounds that the CDC or FDA had to recall over 268 test kits. This is not what happened.

I was contacted on LinkedIn and asked:

"With respect, could you please comment on the FDA's decision to recall 268 separate test kits for SARS/COVID for not being accurate? If there are 268 separate recalls, what does that say about our ability to qualify and quantify the pandemic? If we cannot accurately count the pandemic, what does that say about policy? Is this good science? Is this good policy?"

This is making the disinformation rounds. First, no, 268 test kits were not recalled. The notice that this person is referring to from the FDA is discussing how a number of labs were removed as not being authorized to administer the old test. There is a new test now that can simultaneously detect the flu and SARS-COV-2 virus. They have to get the newer tests in order to be reauthorized and re-included on the list of registered and authorized labs that can offer the new test. There was nothing wrong with the previous tests.

The announcement he is referring to is below(1). I think that the FDA could have worded that far better. We need more plain language when communicating science and health to the public. I honestly don't know how the FDA didn't predict and respond preemptively to this in light of our grossly disinformative age.

Note: There are few memes that accuse the CDC of this as well.

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