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Welcome to Health and Science Facts


Health and Science Facts (HASF), was created to provide the public with quick and easy access to information related to the many viral memes about medicine, wellness, health, and science that are being ruthlessly perpetuated. The goal is to provide articles that are easy to read and easily shareable to people that need this information the most.

Who are we?

HASF is a collection of science and health writers, volunteers, and advisors that all understand the importance of the public having access to accurate and reliable information. Disinformation is rampant via social media, so much so that it is hard for fact-checking allies to keep up. HASF is here as part of the force combatting the many dangers that have skyrocketed through disinformation campaigns on social media, especially since the rise of Sars-Cov-2.

The Team

Reginald V. Finley, Sr., PH.D., MPH(s)., M.Sc., M.Ed., B.Sc., CNS

Founder and Creator


Dr. Finley has been involved in science education, skepticism, and freethought since 1999 wherein he created his first audio streaming program discussing science, religion, skepticism, and critical thinking. He left his program to return to school and founded many science education organizations during that time. In 2016, he created AmazingLife.Bio, which is a supplement site for his biology students and also a resource for science educators. Health and Science Facts was created as a spin-off from his Coronavirus facts page at AmazingLife.Bio.


He's currently a Science Literacy Professor at Franklin University and a Genetics, Environmental Science, and Biology educator with Coweta County Public Schools, and is part of the Lifestyle Medicine team at RLMI. He is also a contributing author to 'On Teaching Evolution'(2021), and the author of Amazing Life (2023-2024).


He holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Education, a Master's degree in Biological Sciences, a Master's in Science and The Public, and a Bachelor's in Human Development. He is currently a Master's student in Public Health. He possesses certifications in Research, Bio-Ethics, Epidemiology, Global Health, and Nutrition. More education is listed on his LinkedIn.

Courses Taught: Marine Biology, Physical Science, Biology with Lab, Human Anatomy & Physiology, Astronomy, Genetics, Chemistry, Science Understanding, and Critical Thinking.

He's a lifelong science and critical thinking advocate who hopes to continue to change the world one mind at a time.

Dr. David Warmflash, MD.



David Warmflash MD is a medical consultant, astrobiologist, science communicator, and author. He contributes content to a range of medically oriented outlets, including Medscape of WebMD and Pregistry, and the International Registry of Coronavirus Exposure in Pregnancy (IRCEP). He has authored continuing medical education (CME)-level materials and United States Medical Licensing (USMLE) test prep materials on a range of topics, including medical genetics, neurology, hematology, radiation bioeffects, aerospace medicine, hyperbaric medicine, endocrinology, and cardiology.

Since 2002, Dr. Warmflash has collaborated with The Planetary Society on three experiments that have flown in space to help improve our understanding of the biological effects of deep space radiation. Covering topics ranging from biomedicine to planetary science, he has been a contributor to several magazines, including Wired UK, Scientific American, Leaps Magazine, Chem Matters, and Cricket Media. He has also authored biology educational materials for the City University of New York (CUNY)’s VisionLearning program. Dr. Warmflash has a book out called Moon: An Illustrated History (Sterling Press, 2019), covering a range of issues related to the exploration of the Moon and its history. In 2016, as one of several topic experts in a book written by Lucy and the late Stephen Hawking titled George and the Blue Moon, Dr. Warmflash authored an essay called “Medically Speaking, Is Suspended Animation Realistic?”

Dr. Ian Boulton, Ph.D.



Ian Boulton is a microbiologist and biochemist who began his career as an academic research scientist. Since 2002, Ian has been involved in vaccine, biopharmaceutical and cell therapy development as a consultant to the industry.

Melody Jacks Williams, M.Sc., M.Ed.

Chief Science and Health Editor


Education: BS in Biology and Biochemistry Masters in Arts in Teaching - Secondary Science Education Masters in Science - Analytical Chemistry

Alfred Mimms, B.Sc.

Researcher and Volunteer Manager

alfred mimms.PNG

Alfred is a former combat medic in the U.S Army and is currently enrolled in at the University of Houston Clear Lake seeking a degree in Biology. He’s also involved in undergraduate research in a biochemistry lab researching the biosynthesis of essential amino acids in plants. He seeks to obtain a Ph.D in the field of molecular biology with the goal of becoming a cancer researcher.

David Babuschkin, M.Phys.

Researcher and Science Writer

David Babuschkin.jpg

David obtained his Bachelor and Masters degrees in physics from the University of Sussex in the UK. He went on to work in semiconductor research, before switching fields to become a programmer. Passionate about science, critical thinking, and skepticism, David has been an active voice in the online campaign opposing misinformation through various blogs and forums over the past few years. He is an avid communicator and educator, and wrote a small encyclopaedia for children about people and cultures from around the world.  He was born in Cologne, Germany to an international family, and is currently based in the UK.

Lucy Turner



Lucy Turner is a freelance writer who is passionate about science and the environment. She researches science and crafts in her free time and is also the owner of the eco-friendly shop Upcycleability. A lot of her time is spent on conducting research, bettering herself to the best of her ability, and mitigating her negative impacts on the environment.


If you like the work that you see on this site or elsewhere, consider dropping her an email at to discuss rates, etc.

Michael Tomlinson

Social Media Volunteer

mike tomlinson.jpg

Mike is an avid science fan and skeptic that's been involved in the freethought community for decades. He helps the HASF team by finding the latest in pseudoscience claims and submits those to the writers for review.

Shawn Springer

Social Media Volunteer


Shawn is a just regular guy with skills in cooking and wood carving. Though not a skeptic or even a science enthusiast, he is on the inside funneling the words and rumors coming out of the black social media community about the latest pseudoscience craze. 

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