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Fungi found on Mars?

Tons of videos released on Youtube reveal what appears to be the growth of fungi sprouting from the Martian sand. Let's investigate.

This is a Mars Curiosity rover image showing what some researchers have claimed are fungal puffball mushrooms pushing through the Martian soil. However, is this the case?

The features in those images can easily be accounted for via simple erosion. If you didn't know, wind exists on Mars. Blow the sand way and you can see more features. Easy.

Mars HiRISE satellite images of areas on Mars display dynamic features over time (see below).

Image NASA HiRISE Photo.
Image NASA HiRISE Photo.

There are many more images to review but there is no need to review every single one. Feel free to review more images here. In all of these photos, the features can be accounted for by environmental changes. Sublimation, cooling, and heating can account for a number of the dynamic changes seen in satellite images.

What if it is true?

Let's be clear. NASA had these images for a long time and has analyzed them from top to bottom. The researchers promoting the mushroom idea hand-picked images and released their article with apparently very little collaboration with the experts that have already addressed every single one of these images.

To be honest, even if we did discover an incredibly slow-growing organism on Mars, we just won't know for sure until we get a sample of the alleged organisms and screen for genetic material. If there is no evidence of metabolism or organic genetic material, it's just a rock.



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