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The flu is worse than COVID-19

This is a common claim but is this true? Let's investigate.

It is true that more people have died globally from the flu than COVID-19. At least, this is the case in some regions.

Sadly, in Italy, the monthly death rate is currently higher for Covid-19 victims than average flu deaths over a single month's time. In the United States, Covid-19 deaths have surpassed the predicted deaths based on annual trends according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The CDC predicted between 24K to 62K deaths would be from flu. At the time of this posting, 114K Americans have died from Covid-19.

Lastly, the death rate over time is what we are looking at as well. The flu kills about 0.1% of its victims. COVID-19 is killing at a rate of about 5% in America while the global average is 5.8%. It has been argued that the number of infections is much higher but is going unreported. If those are factored in, then the death rate would be lower. This is probably true but we must also consider unreported excess COVID-19 related deaths. But even if only 1% of victims die, that's still 10 times more deadly than the flu.

Lastly, to compare the flu with COVID-19 is a false comparison anyway. Just because more people die from some other event doesn't automatically lessen the reality of COVID-19 deaths. We are adding more deaths not competing with other deaths.

So, the flu more dangerous? Even if it was, it's not anymore.

This is an edited repost of an entry originally posted to: AmazingLife.Bio.



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