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Despite vaccines, Israel's cases are through the roof! Vaccines don't work!

Israel Case Data - Forbes, 2021
Israel Case Data - Forbes, 2021

A common argument that is constantly shared on Social Media and touring a number of far-right media outlets is that despite vaccinations, Israel's cases are on the rise; therefore, vaccines don't work. It is true that Israel's cases are on the rise (well, at least at the time of writing this). However, their conclusion that vaccines don't "work" is not concordant with the evidence.

What is often missed is the fact that the rise in cases is mostly due to children getting tested in preparation to return to school(1). Also, what is often missed is that, despite more positive cases, severe cases and deaths are down in both the vaccinated and unvaccinated populations (2,3). Even though both groups are trending down (as expected), the unvaccinated have higher rates (17 times more) of severe illness and death compared to the vaccinated(9.)

Therefore, the case data cannot be used to claim that the vaccines are not "working". The evidence is clear that vaccines reduce transmission(4), lessen symptoms(5), and prevent death(6,7,8).




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