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Being fit protects more than vaccines.

There is a claim that being fit is the best protection against Covid-19. Is this claim true? Let's investigate.

I just heard Joe Rogan say that being fit is better than getting the vaccine.

Yes, it is true that it is better to be fit than not. However, there are no studies comparing fit individuals to vaccine efficacy, only fitness and Covid-19 severity(1,2). If vaccines can protect up to 99.9% from death, the study would need to show that 99.9% of fit individuals are equally or greater protected from death. Now, here's the rub, it's irrelevant because 42.5% of Americans are obese(3) and less than 3% of Americans actually live a healthy lifestyle(4). If Joe Rogan is saying this, he apparently doesn't know this.

Because of those facts above, it is better to get a vaccine(5). Fantasy scenarios are not going to stop this pandemic.




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