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5G Does Not Cause Coronavirus and Other 5G Health Myths Debunked

So 5G is the latest technology when it comes to your cell phone. Like 4G, 3G, and even Wifi, many people have claimed, without evidence, that it caused negative health effects. But does it? Let's look at the evidence and see what we can find.

What is 5G?

5G stands for 5th Generation, meaning that it is the fifth standard for wireless phones when they were invented. In short, it just means your internet will be faster while using your phone. People are afraid due to the fact that it uses higher frequencies and mmWaves, despite a general lack of evidence for any harm. In fact, let's look into some claims now:

Claim: 5G causes/spreads Coronavirus

Fact: 5G are radio signals, meanwhile, Coronavirus is a virus. Viruses and bacteria cannot spread as a result of any forms of radiation. But sadly, this seems to be making the rounds on the internet, and people with large followings are reposting the link between the two as if it is fact. It is not.


Claim: 5G will microwave your brain!

Fact: As far back as 2004 and maybe even long before then, we have had people fearmongering about brain cancer as a result of 2G microwaving your brain. Before even that was Radar during the 1940s. That then was renewed when 3G hit the market, then 4G, then 4G LTE, and now that 5G is out, that is the new scapegoat to fearmonger about.

According to the National Cancer Institute, brain cancer rates have actually been on the decline since 1992. According to Pew Research, in 2002, cell phone adherence was at 62%. Since then, we have seen the rise of smartphones, with 96% of people in the US having a cellphone of some kind, and 81% have a smartphone.

You would expect, if cellphones caused brain cancer, we would at least see a correlation. We don't even see that.

Claim: 5G will make you infertile!

Fact: There is no evidence linking low low-frequency radiation of any kind to infertility. A few studies do show that increased cell phone use may cause a lower sperm count, but the main driver for this is heat, not radiation.

When it comes to things that the average person does not understand, a lot of people will choose to be afraid of it. But with more evidence comes less of a reason to be afraid. Your cell phone is fine, it will not harm you unless you drop it on your toe.

Check out this video to learn more about this topic:



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